Dos & Don'ts


  • Fresh water rinse every now and again, especially after your kite has been dumped in the surf
  • When folding kite, alternate the way you fold, to prevent weak spots forming
  • Always rinse your bar and lines, after kiting
  • Try and store kite in cool area, this prevents valves delaminating (i.e. not in sunny heated car or direct sunlight)



  • NEVER leave kites on the beach flapping (if kite not being used immediately, pack it away rather) this destroys the leading edge in minutes
  • Don’t leave kites struts inflated while stored in hot car, this damages the seams
  • Don’t leave valve caps in when stored (valves need to contract back to size)
  • Don’t leave kites packed away wet for longer than a day, as the die in the materials can run into other colours, it looks like rust or dirt, but it’s the die (especially kites with black panels)